Bild ©Pernilla Pettersson

Bo Norgren's new novel, Original sin

Allotment cottages. Midsummer. Pickled herring and new potatoes.
    Göran Ålund finds himself in the middle of the idyll.
    All of a sudden, the idyll is smashed to pieces. The body of a young woman is found when Ålund and a couple of friends start digging to make a fish pond.
    Pretty soon, they realize that the body was buried a long time ago.
    The question is, how long?

Almost simultaneously, another murder victim is found. Then several, seemingly unrelated attacks occur around Stockholm.         After a while, Ålund and his colleagues begin to suspect there is a connection between the different crimes. But when they finally realize what is the common denominator, time is beginning to run out.

In the end, they face an unsolvable dilemma...
Bosse on the background:

"In May 2004, I became the happy owner of an allotment cottage in Bromma. During the summers of 2007 and 2008, myself and a bunch of neighbors could be seen in the TV series 'Koloniområdet Iris' ('the allotment Iris') on TV4+. During the recording of the series, I built a greenhouse, which I didn't only use to grow plants, but also as a place for writing. It was simply fantastic to sit there at sundown with a kerosene lamp, a glass of red wine and my computer, and look at my neighbor's fish pond. Often with the double album 'The Very Best of the Eagles' in my loudspeakers. It was in this environment that 'Wave of death' was created.
    At one point during this period, one of my neighbors said something like, 'why don't you write a book about 'The allotment murder'?'
    I didn't have to think long to realize this was an excellent idea. I just had to start writing. During the process, a few other murders and events occured, that don't have anything at all to do with allotments."