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Earlier novels

High level (2012)

From the beginning, it only looks like a case of fraud. One of the largest that has affected a Swedish bank. The swindlers have used a skilfully forged bank guarantee document and the money is transfered between accounts over the globe.
    Since several years, Göran Ålund works at the National Criminal Police. One evening, he sees someone dumping a hockey bag in the luggage compartment of a large Audi. The car belongs to Daniel Klein, a white-collar criminal who has been under investigation several times, but so far has never been convicted.
    The bag turns out to contain stolen goods and when Ålund starts to take a closer look at Klein, he finds that he is probably involved in the bank fraud.
    Ålund and his colleagues begin to suspect that the fraud and the large sum of money is not the real goal for the gang. The money is a means to commit considerably more serious crimes.
    Criminality on a very high level.

Wave of death (2011)

543 Swedes die when the waves of the Tsunami crushes the tourist paradise in South Thailand. The victim identification work is led from the State Department's temporary General Consulate in Phuket.
    One month after the Tsunami, a diplomat disappears from the Consulate. The State Department wants to avoid publicity and to begin with, are unwilling to make an official report to the police.
    Since a year, Göran Ålund belongs to the IT Crime Section of the National Criminal Police. His background as a homicide investigator, in combination with his IT competence, makes him ideal for the task to go down to Thailand and investigate the disappearance.
    Pretty soon, he realizes that the diplomat has been murdered. And that murder is just the beginning of a wave of terror.
    A wave of death.

Deadly urge (1995, 1999 och 2011)

Detective Inspector Göran Ålund slowly returns to a normal life after a longer period of sick leave. One hung-over Sunday morning, he goes jogging in a desperate attempt to get a grip on things.
    When he passes Jehanders' gravel depot at the Western end of Kungsholmen, he sees an old man, standing like he's petrified, and looking at something down in the gravel.
    A mutilated female corpse.
    What Ålund does not know, is that the killer is watching him. Gradually, the former homicide investigator is drawn into the sick fantasy world of a psychopath.
    But he's not only up against an intelligent and ruthless serial killer. Soon, his old colleagues in the Robbery Homicide Division, seriously are starting to believe that Ålund himself is the killer.
    Eventually, he literally has to fight for his life.
    The hunter has become the prey.

In March 1999 the major movie Dödlig drift (Deadly urge) premiered in movie theaters all over Sweden. The entire Swedish actors' elite were in the cast, with Stefan Sauk as Göran Ålund and Mikael Persbrandt as the killer. The film is (or at least has been) available on DVD and nowadays is showed on Cable TV from time to time.

Action: eliminate (1994 och 2011)

New Year's Eve, midnight. Fireworks and -crackers everywhere.
    In the middle of this chaos, someone calls and claims he has been shot at in an apartment in Tensta. At first, the police aren't taking the incident seriously.
    Almost at the same time, a car explodes in Högdalen. The explosion is so violent that the car and its driver are almost totally annihilated.
    These two seemingly unrelated events, actually turn out to be related and the traces point at Iraqi Intelligence. The circumstances indicate that a terrorist group is in Sweden to liquidate deserters. The police have identified the group but its members manage to flee the country. Several months pass and the trail turns cold.
    The night between 1st and 2nd August, Iraqi troops invade Kuwait. The so called First Gulf War has started.
    The terrorist group returns to Sweden and their target this time, is on a different, more serious level. The Swedish Security Service are convinced that an attack is imminent, but don't know when, where or how.
    Detective Inspector Göran Ålund is involved in the search. Not even in his wildest imagination can he picture what is awaiting in the wild hunt that follows.
    A deadly hunt.

Elite race (1992 och 2011)

The Elite Race. Solvalla racetrack. Two men in police uniforms rob the main cashier's office. The loot: 6 million Swedish kronor.
    Are the robbers police officers? And are ther others that now want to lay their hands on their loot?

Göran Ålund is facing a dilemma. Has one of his colleagues committed one of the biggest robberies in Sweden?
    Media are hunting Ålund. His bosses too. But that's not all.
    At the time of the Elite Race Robbery, several assault rapes are committed. The investigators are literally fighting against the clock.
    The rapist has lost control and the assaults are becoming more and more brutal.
    Will Göran Ålund succeed in hunting down the perpetrator before a young woman is murdered?

Lethal cargo (1991 och 2011)

Detective Inspector Göran Ålund goes to Gran Canaria on a winter holiday. He ends up in a small apartment hotel in San Agustin.
    Late one night, he sits down on the balcony for a nightcap. He witnesses something very strange. A transfer of some kind, probably narcotics, is his theory.
    He contacts his colleagues in Stockholm and asks them to find more information for him to act upon.
    Pretty soon, it turns out that Ålund was right. A large consignment of cocaine is on its way to Sweden. The traces lead to the finer parlours, right into an exclusive apartment in Upper Östermalm.
    The man who lives there, is bringing on a lethal cargo.