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20th June 2011: An interview by

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19th June 2011: A review from

Wave of death (Dödens våg) by Bo Norgren

Published 19th June 2011

There's a proverb: 'Never judge a book by its cover'... and it has never been more true than in this case!

The plot

Wave of Death unfolds in Thailand after the Tsunami. The indentification of deceased people is going at full throttle.
Göran Ålund, working at the IT Crime Section of the National Criminal Police, is one of the Swedes being sent down there to assist. However, Ålund has been given a secret task, he's been asked to locate a diseappeared Swedish diplomat. Pretty soon, Ålund realizes there is one or more persons down in Thailand who does not appreciate the Swedish authorities and that they are all in danger...


The story starts out a little insidiously and then escalates and eventually ends in pure action! (even if you wouldn't believe that when you look at the cover). The book is a page-turner and you finish it in record time!
Clichés? Here and there.
Over the top? Yeah, a little.
Entertaining? VERY!!!

Summer crime fiction

Wave of death is a perfect crime novel to enjoy at your balcony this summer, maybe with a cold Singha or Chang! The choice of beer brand could be more important than you think...
Warmly recommended!

19th June 2011: Review in Läst och hört i hängmattan (Read and heard in the hammock)

(Read and heard in the hammock is a web publication founded by Iwan Morelius in 1998. The readers are mostly Swedes living at the Spanish Mediterranean coast.)

"After a break since the 90's, when Bo published four crime novels, one of which became a movie, he's now back with a real cliffhanger thriller. It unfolds in Thailand after the terrible Tsunami in 2004, when no less than 543 Swedes died.
    It begins with a chapter that can make even those who does not suffer from claustrophobia, take a deep breath or even open a window to get some extra air. The reader meets the 'Avenger' in this introduction. Soon thereafter, we meet the novel's main character, Göran Ålund, who works at the IT Crime Section of the National Criminal Police. He is assigned to fly down to Thailand as quickly as possible to try and find a Consul who has disappeared, Gert Sander, stationed in Phuket.
    When he arrives, Ålund meets many Swedes who are involved in the work, that according to many people got started to late due to pure laxness from certain high officials. The catastrophe occured on 26th December 2004 and the holidays caused the work to be delayed. He meets Andrea Novak, an analyst, also sent from Sweden to help the survivors. When she has landed, they are subjected to an attack during the ride from the airport, and their driver is killed.
    Soon, Göran understands that the Consul has been murdered and together they try to solve the case, where one lead after another appears. But the Avenger is always one step ahead. How come? A nosy journalist, an alcoholic and thoroughly run-down, works as a free-lance for a newspaper. The paper has payed the fare for a young woman looking for her relatives. The journalist is looking for a scoop.
    The author has personal knowledge of this, one of the worst disasters in the world, and was personally there for 13 week. He's had the ideas for this book since then but now at first, his thoughts have been formed into words. Maybe too many words/pages. Could have been a little shorter. The places and the persons are nicely portrayed and the embedded love story is beautiful. It warmed me all the time. The ending is very violent with a little too much of Rambo- and James Bond effects.
    The bottom line, however, is I approve with much praise and recommend many to read it.


29th March 2011: Interview in Computer Sweden