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Updated 2018-03-02

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Livsfarlig last is available as audiobook!

Since 12 November, Bo Norgren's first novel, Livsfarlig last, is available for purchase or streaming. The text is read by the fantastic Swedish actor Magnus Roosmann and the audiobook is published by Lind & Co.

Bo Norgren in English

Bo Norgren's novels are being translated to English. As you can understand, this is not something you do during a coffee break. It takes its time, but we're getting there.

Bo Norgren has published his seventh novel,  har givit ut sin sjunde roman, Original sin!

His four first thrillers were published in the beginning of the nineties. After a long break, he published his fifth, Wave of death, in March 2011. High level was published in 2012. At last, it's time for his seventh novel.

Read more about Original sin under the link 'current'.

Re-publishing of Bo Norgren's four first novels

From 25th November 2011, Dödlig drift (Lethal cargo), Begärligt byte (Elite race), Åtgärd: eliminera (Action: eliminate) and Dödlig drift (Deadly urge) are back in production. Order them here, via Net book stores or in traditional book stores. You can read more about the novels under the links 'earlier production' and 'reviews'.

Next project

Bo Norgren's eighth novel has no relation whatsoever to the seven predecessors. The protagonist is a freelance musician named Albert Fransson. The story begins with the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme on 28 February 1986. It leads on to more current events that should not be divulged here and now.

The book is written in first-person, and in English. The working title (which will probably be the final one) is The involuntary agent.

Read more about The involuntary agent under the link 'ongoing projects'.

Bosse on Print On Demand, POD and publishing your own books:

"In March 2010, I read an article in the free newspaper Metro. I was both surprised and happy when I understood that a group of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts had started a service/company called Publit. Their idea included concepts like 'print-on-demand', e-books and audio books. I can say that so far, I'm extremely pleased with my cooperation with Publit! If you are interested, read more at"


The plots are standalone but things happen around the main characters, things that evolve through the entire series. Therefore, I recommend that you read the novels in chronological order:

1. Lethal cargo (Livsfarlig last)
2. Elite race (Begärligt byte)
3. Action: eliminate (Åtgärd: eliminera)
4. Deadly urge (Dödlig drift)
5. Wave of death (Dödens våg)
6. High level (Hög nivå)
7. Original sin (Arvsynd)

Click on the cover images to read more about the books and to order. And of course, enjoy your reading!