Bild ©Pernilla Pettersson

The next novel by Bo Norgren, The involuntary agent

Albert 'Abbe' Fransson is a freelance musician, a bass player who takes the day as it comes. Together with his friend Uffe Jansson, a singer and guitar player, he works the troubadour scene in Stockholm. The duo plays at private and corporate parties and the occasional pub gig.

On Friday 28 February 1986, Prime Minister Olof Palme is shot on Sveavägen in Central Stockholm. Only days later, Abbe finds himself virtually without a steady income. Uffe, a UN veteran, has been asked to go to Cyprus and the UN Mission, on very short notice. He is to replace a Staff Clerk who has been killed in a motorcycle accident.

Pretty soon, Uffe fixes a steady gig at a bar on the Larnaca Seafront and summons Abbe, who jumps at the opportunity. The duo is joined by lead guitarist Peter Olofsson, who enters an element of rock into the repertoire.

There are indications that Olof Palme's killer has fled to Cyprus and Abbe Fransson is gradually drawn into the investigation.

Bosse gives a little background to the novel:

"When Olof Palme was murdered, I was working in the Swedish Security Service. And just as Abbe Fransson, I went to Cyprus in the middle of March. Not as a musician, though, but as a Military Police officer.

A few years later, I started thinking about the Palme murder case. And as my imagination began to work, I came up with the idea for a novel. I worked on and off with this. Well, to be honest, mostly off. But a couple of years ago, I started to evolve the plot, taking it to more recent events

Until quite recently, I had no idea where this story would end. But in January, the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fell into place..."