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The opinions of a few critics

Deadly urge (Dödlig drift)

Metro 9th October 1995: "From this simple kernel, the author has built a documentary, well-written and very dramatic crime story that is among the best Swedish that has been published in the genre."

LT Östersund 1st September 1995: "Good, credible Swedish action." ... "It's exciting, entertaining and says quite a lot about the times we are living in. Bo Norgren already belongs to the elite among Swedish crime authors."

Hufvudstadsbladet 22th August 1995: "The word hair-raising has seldom been so apt. The resolve on the very last page works at one hundred percent, even if the moral consequenses are not so nice."

Östgötacorrespondenten 5t September 1995: "For stretch readers" ... "If you want, you can call Norgren a new Sjöwall/Wahlöö and Ålund a new Beck. Personally, I actually think Norgren carries more weight, sharpness and presence, the latter is natural since the books take place during the late 80's and early 90's.
    Nevertheless, 'Deadly urge' is a brutally good thriller.
    And the best thing for a new Norgren reader is that there are three more novels."

Norra Västerbotten 4th September 1995: "If there were any justice, with his fourth police novel, 'Deadly urge', Bo Norgren should be considered one of the heavier names in the genre during the 1990's" ... "I have difficulties believing that any Swedish police novel or crime fiction can compete with 'Dealy urge' during 1995."

Action: eliminate (Åtgärd: eliminera)

Östersundsposten 1st February 1994: "When it comes to building an exciting and credible story and write about the everyday toil in the middle of all the action, Norgren is among the country's foremost. Norgren can tell the reader about cops and police work, with insight and interest. The fact is that he even holds up if you compare with Ed McBain, the creator and master of the genre."

Folkbladet Norrköping 21st February 1994: "For those who like Swedish police novels, Bo Norgren's books is a natural choice. At the moment, he's one of the best in Sweden."

Elite race (Begärligt byte)

Eskilstuna-kuriren 18th March 1992: "Bo Norgren has qualities that definitely can be compared to the best in the genre."

NSD 26th March 1992: "Norgren is one of the best."

Lethal cargo (Livsfarlig last)

O-T 20th March 1991: "With Bo Norgren, Sweden has got its real counterpart to Ed McBain and his cops in the 87th Precinct."

Eskilstuna-kuriren 8th March 1991: "Now, Olov Svedelid - the man behind Roland Hassel - has to look out. He has some competition, very tough!"